Sunday, November 28, 2010

Strangers in the night.........

Earlier today we saw a commercial for "Skating with the stars" * and we began discussing** the show.
While we might have many things that bug us about the show, we also talked about how there's no way that we're going to miss it.
Max listened to this conversation then said "OK, we can watch it, but let's just keep it really a secret. If someone comes to our door while it's on, we will just hurry and change the channel before we open the door, and if we leave the house while it's on, we should change the channel before we turn off the TV in case someone breaks into our house and turns on the TV, so they won't know that we've been watching it."

In other news, the kids are sick. Max started it yesterday, and in the last hour, Brielle and Aaron have proven to me that they are sick enough to let them stay home from school tomorrow.

I wondered out loud where they might have picked up this illness when Max says "I think it was some guy that came into our house while we were sleeping and coughed on us so we would all get sick."***

With this subject of people coming into our house without us knowing about it, I'm beginning to think that Max might be having a bit of anxiety about a certain "Jolly Old Elf"coming into our Christmas Eve. We've already freaked him out by telling him that Santa is watching him and knows everything that he does so he better be good, but now he's worrying about random strangers breaking into our house to make us sick or to judge our television viewing habits.....

CJ just informed me that he's starting to feel sick too.

I guess if they all stay home from school tomorrow, I can sleep in, right?

* "Stars?" seriously, I don't even know who most of them are.
** Might have been mocking more than discussing.
*** If this is the case, I certainly hope that this spreader of disease didn't come near me, however, with all 4 of the kids sick, it's just a matter of time anyway, right.


Karen said...

I didn't know who most of the "stars" were for dancing with the stars either.

Kristina P. said...

That's right! You are a skater chick!

The only person I have heard about is one of the Real Housewives of NYC chicks.

M-Cat said...

I hope you let them all stay home, returned your videos and got new Christmas ones!
Load them up on Nyquil and call it a day!

Mae Rae said...

Get as much sleep as you can! You know darn well with 4 of them sick, you are bound to get it. But us mom's know that we don't get to rest when we are sick.

Annette Lyon said...

I used to worry that when Max got older, we'd miss out on lots of fun cuteness.

Turns out that his vocabulary is expanding and making him just as awesome in longer sentences.