Saturday, November 6, 2010

Look out! We're going to CRASH!

My Friend Crash is in the running to get this sweet new job, only she needs our votes to get into the final round.

She's a fabulous writer, cute as a button, and it would be really cool if she won!
Why should you vote for her, you ask?
Well, I'll tell you why!

Top Ten reasons why you should vote for Crash

#9 When she wins, she will buy everyone a pony.*

#8 Even though she believes in unicorns and glitter, she isn't annoying like Flo from the Progressive commercials.

#7 She cares about our fiber.

#6 When she wins, there's a pretty good chance that she won't increase the national debt.

#5 She is a better dancer than Bristol Palin.

#4. If you don't vote for her, Max will send Naughty bird, Naughty frog, Naughty Rabbit AND Naughty Reindeer to live at your house.

#3. When she wins, we can all say that we knew her back before she was all famous.

#2 She has AWESOME footwear.

#1. Vote for Crash, and your wildest dreams will come true!

Please click on the button above and vote for her! It's super easy! Only two clicks, then come back and tell me that you voted, so I don't have to send all of the naughty animals to your house.

You can vote once a day, every day for the next 5 days. If she is in the top 20, then she will make it to the final round, and that would be so awesome!

Some have said that you can vote once a day from every computer, or phone, or iPod or whatever, but it might be one vote per IP address, in which case, I will be driving around town, using the free Wi Fi from every public library, Starbucks and Burger King I can find.
Remember, vote early, vote often, tell your friends to vote too.

Thanks a bunch!!!!

*I didn't actually check with her on this one, however, I'm sure that she'll follow through.........OK, maybe not really sure, but I think that she would really like to buy everyone a pony, but then again, maybe not, perhaps she doesn't like ponies, but you'll have to ask her, because she's the one that would be buying the ponies (or not) and I really don't have any clue where she would buy that many ponies in the first place, and can you just imagine what a mess they would make in her back yard while they wait for you to come and pick them up? Yes, you would have to pick up your own pony yourself. WHAT? you don't think you should have to pick up the pony yourself? HEY, the pony is free (or at least relatively so, considering that you will need to vote for her every day for the next five days, but really, how hard is it to click on a link and then click one more time to vote for her) the least you could do is pick up your free pony yourself!
I mean if she actually does buy the ponies, and like I said, I didn't actually ask her if she would be doing this.

Maybe she will just bake you a cake, she does deliver cakes.


Kristina P. said...

I have been voting from work and home everyday.

And are you saying I'm annoying?

M-Cat said...

Voted. Please for the love of all that's holy - don't send the naughty animals to my house - we are all naughtied up here