Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The missing link???

Tonight our doorbell rang and when we answered it, there was no one there.

Until the big gorilla jumped out from around the side of the house, waved his arms around, screamed, then jumped into a waiting car and sped away.

About 20 minutes later, the above scenario was repeated.

The boys filled a big bucket of water and sat it by the front door, just in case he came back, because gorillas ringing on doorbells after dark deserve a big dousing of water.

They never did come back a third time, so CJ and Aaron went looking for them, accompanied by the huge, bright green paper mache' alien head from CJ's Halloween costume a few years back.

Never a dull moment.


Today as we were driving in the car, we were listening to Christmas music, and I was singing along to "Let it snow" when Max said "THEY KEEP SAYING LET IT SNOW BUT I DON'T WANT IT TO LET IT SNOW!!!"


Best quote of the day by Aaron "So basically, calories make stuff taste good!"


Max: "Today friend Hunter poked my friend Garrett in the eye!"
Me: "Oh, that's too bad, I'm sure it was just an accident."
Max: "No it wasn't an accident, he meant to do it!"
Me: "Well why would he do that?'
Max: "Because he's mean."
Me: "Do you ever play with Hunter?"
Max: "No!"
Me: "Why not?"
Max: "Because he's MEAN!!"


I just realized that it's Wednesday, unfortunately, the day is almost over, so just for this week, Word Verification Wednesday will be changed to Word Verification Wednesday/Thursday!

Here's how to play:

1. go to the comment box.
2. look at the stupid word verification code.
3. come up with a (hopefully funny) definition and leave it as a comment.
4. refresh the page and play as often as you wish.

It's a way to make typing in the Word Verification code just a little less annoying.


Wonder Woman said...

acessea: the new, more accessible minivan from honda

utmomof 5 said...

notte -- I have one kid who has been extremly notte lateley!!!

That was boring, lets try again. It was only boring because I had to follow the rule to keep it clean :)

utmomof 5 said...

Bughter -- She hit me because she said I bughter (bugged her) to much!

Another lame-o one sorry :)

Mae Rae said...

eckie-why do i get the eckie words for word verification?

Good for Max for not playing with a "friend" who is mean. It slightly bothers me that in todays age the kids need to call their classmates "friends" when sometimes they clearly ARE NOT!

M said...

Utah is just all kinds of crazy. So glad to be so far away....of course, if the gorillas came to our door yesterday, the wind would have blown them away so I think we were safe.

WV - I just got nothin for you. Sorry. On the upside, I think your children are fabulous. Aaron came up with another winner!

Jessica G. said...

hytors - A uber cool way of caller someone a "hater," which I would never use because I'm not cool at all.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Aaron's quote is pure genius!!

rocslinger said...

puzzoar; the new fast flying brain teaser, from Hasbro.

Teachinfourth said...

delon - The strands of hair which grow off your ears as either singles or in small clumps.

I wish the gorilla had come back...

M-Cat said...

carapo: How they say CRAP in Utah County (they are SO weird)

So what was up with the gorilla>