Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Sheep

This is a post that I wrote when I guess posted on another blog several years ago. It has never been published on my blog, so it might be new to you.

I was watching a local daytime talk show a few months ago, and one of their guests for the day was a lady who they referred to as a "fashion expert." She was there to tell us all about the new fashion trends.
Just the day before, this fashion expert (we'll call her Laverne) had gone through the closet of one of the ladies hosting the show, (Let's call her Shirley) and removed a large stack of clothes, and brought them to the television studio, and picked through them on live television.
She told Shirley that her that her clothes were out of style, and she just couldn't wear them anymore.

Shirley was shocked "But I love those clothes!" she protested.
"No" Laverne told her, picking up a really cute skirt "Nobody wears skirts that length anymore."
Shirley: But that's my favorite skirt! It's so comfortable, and it looks so cute with that pink blouse that I you told me to buy."
Laverne: No, I'm sorry, it's got to go. You really shouldn't even have this in your closet, it's quite dated.
Shirley: But I just bought it last summer!
No, it's just not in style anymore. You can't be seen in it. Donate it to charity.

Laverne went on to pick apart this poor lady's wardrobe. There was something wrong with everything.

Laverne: You really need to get rid of this suit also. The color is all wrong. This year turquoise is the hot color. Everybody will be wearing turquoise.
Shirley: I thought that gray was the hot color this year. Just a few months ago, you told me to buy everything gray.
Laverne: No, not anymore. Turquoise is now the hot color. Nobody will be wearing gray this year, everybody will be wearing turquoise!

I really felt sorry for this television host, and if I was anywhere near the size she is, I would have gladly offered to take the clothes off her hands. They were darn cute.

My question, where does this "fashion expert" lady get all this information, and why does her opinion matter so much?
Who is it in the big scheme of things that decides what's "in" and what's "out" as far as fashion trends go? Who is it that decides what does and does not look good? Why do we all need to follow what they decide?

This past winter, we were just leaving a movie theater, and a group of teenage girls came running in the door. Outside it was snowing heavily, and quite cold. These teenagers were all wearing shorts, flip flops and hoodies. The girls were all huddled together shivering, goose bumps all over their bare legs, and complaining about how cold they were.

Hello! McFly! Put some clothes on!

I would really like to know which girl in the group decided that it would be cute to wear shorts and flip flops in sub freezing temperatures, and why the other girls in the group were compelled to follow her. I wonder what would have happened if one of the girls had rebelled and worn, oh I don't know, maybe A COAT! Would she have been shunned from the group and not allowed to participate in the group activity? Would the other girls have left her alone, and then made fun of her saying how stupid she looked in her warm clothes while they stand shivering in the snow?

Why are we all such a bunch of "fashion sheep?"

What do you think, are you more likely to buy something you like that is comfortable, or something that someone else has decided looks good?

(Of course, this post doesn't apply to shoes, because most fabulous shoes just can't be comfortable;0)


rocslinger said...

I have always wondered who made these decisions. I would like to know so I could leave a dead moleskin jacket on their doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Not a second of doubt spent here. I want to be comfortable. AND look nice. But I sacrifice the latter for the former. I also refuse to follow any trend that makes me look old, even older, tired, chubby, anorexic, you name it. Secret admission: I loath newspaper columns snooping in other people's closets. When I was young, 200 years ago, we were advised to wear things that flatter our best features. Now the message seems to be to follow the trend even though it might make you look sick, unhealthy, fat, obese, and anything in between those extremes. I cringe when looking at the pictures of short, chubby women wearing wide belts around their non-existing middle. Drop that belt. You would look so much more like YOU. It also would not draw the attention to your not so great features. I am a runner with huge thighs. So, even though leggins are very comfy, I won't wear them in public (while enjoying then at home) To not appearing biased against people with too much weight, I want to state that I also feel sick to my stomach when looking at some of Hollywood's most adored. Call the Skinny Catcher to take them to a place where they learn to consume the right amount of calories to feel and look healthy.

Alison Wonderland said...

I'm right there with you, I don't understand it and I don't particularly like it.

It's like the scene from "the Devil Wears Prada" where the devil lady takes the unfashionable girl (no, I do NOT EVER remember names) to task about fashion and how it does matter and how even the clothes that she's wearing were decided by the fashionistas. But my responce to that is always, "that may be so but she doesn't care what color her sweater is."

I'm with mama, I say if it flatters you, wear it, screw the in colors and lengths and...

M said...

It's funny because I tend to have the same thoughts and lately, with all the HGTV I've been watching, I've been thinking them about kitchens. All these houses have "dated" kitchens that need to be renovated. Then the couple renovates the house with lovely dark cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and dark granite countertops; my question is "How long until that look becomes dated? Is stainless steel the new avocado or harvest gold?"