Monday, November 1, 2010

Proving to myself and everyone else just how insane I really am

Alternate post titles..........

"Because apparently, I don't have enough to do"

"Thirty days of drivel"


Yes, for the third year in a row, I have signed up for Na Blo Po Mo.

I have recently started on a work project that is the largest that I have ever done. The due date to have everything finished is the end of November, so I decided that I needed to write every day to have a little balance in my life.
I suppose I could have just washed the dishes instead, but after much careful thought* I decided that writing a post every day for a month would be better for my mental state.

*Ok, and by "careful thought" I mean I looked at the sink full of dishes, then turned the laptop the other direction so I couldn't see the dishes anymore.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

So now my biggest problem is coming up with stuff to write about for 30 days. I have quite a few posts in my drafts folder, but for some reason, I just can't seem to finish them. I'm sure that Facebook has had nothing to do with this.

Side note: I tried to log on to Blogger three times before I realized that I was using my Facebook password instead of my Blogger password.

Another side note: If you are writing something on Facebook that you don't want someone to read (who just happens to be one of your FB friends) DO NOT WRITE IT ON FACEBOOK!
I recently read a conversation between two of my "Facebook friends" that I'm pretty sure they didn't intend for me to see. Nothing bad, just some information that they omitted in previous face to face in real life conversations.

Rant over.

Halloween was fun. Brielle dressed as a cute witch, Max was the cutest Oompa Loompa that you've ever seen, Aaron was dressed as a food fight, and I wore the same costume that I do every year and dressed as a sleep deprived mom who stayed up all night finishing her kids costumes so they could wear them in the school costume parade.
(I actually did wear a costume when we went to the neighborhood pre trick or treating dinner. I went dressed as the underside of a restaurant table) (I wadded up pieces of pink felt and attached them to the front of my sweatshirt) (gum)

I will post pictures of the costumes as soon as we figure out how to get the pictures into the computer. Apparently, my camera and my computer are no longer on speaking terms, and the teenager is at this very minute going to great lengths and spending large amounts of time working on it to get the pictures transferred.

Either that or he's taking a nap.

Hey, I just had an idea!

I can have you vote on what you would like me to write about!

1. The new adventures of Naughty Bird (Yes, the stupid bird is back)
2. Halloween - The Oompa Loompa with an attitude
3. Max and the imaginary races

Leave your vote in the comments.

Leave your vote in the comment section


Mum-me said...

Please tell us abut naughty bird - he's hilarious.

Kristina P. said...

Definitely the Oompa Loompa. I assume it's about Snooki, right?

M said...

Is it bad that I can't choose and want to hear them all?!?! Seriously, anything you write, particularly regarding Max and his imagination, is lovely.

M-Cat said...

I would like a post on each one of them! : )

M-Cat said...

I would like a post on each one of them! : )

Bonnie the Boss said...

Jill, first I just want you to know how much I adore you. Second, I am so dang excited to see pics of your kids at Halloween.
Third, I always dress as a tired grumpy mom for Halloween too. We should start a club!!

Lindsay said...

I vote for Naughty Bird.

Karen said...

Definitely want to hear about the Oompa Loompa.

Busty LaRue said...

I just want you to know that when I asked you to take Naughty Bird back, I really didn't think you would....but the new adventures of Naughty Bird sure explain why he hasn't been at our house (instead we have ghosts and monsters now). ;) hehehe sorry!

rocslinger said...

Na blo po mo? Dare I ask?

All three, starting with naughty bird.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I have yet to convince myself to sign up for the NaBloPoMo. I would just be setting myself up to fail, and I don't really need to do that...

My vote: More aventures of naughty bird