Monday, November 22, 2010

The saga of the Naughty imaginary animals part 1 - How Naughty Bird became Naughty

Recently, I realized that there has been so much going on in our house concerning Max's imaginary pets "Naughty Bird" and "Naughty Reindeer" and I haven't written about any of it, mostly, because it's so complicated......

It all started last year, we went on vacation to the Grand Canyon, and while we were there, Max said that Naughty Bird wouldn't be coming home with us because he would be staying at the Grand Canyon.

Our family rejoiced.

Unfortunately, Naughty Bird found his way home, and returned to his awful ways of making messes and preventing Max from doing things that I asked him to do.

Me: "Max, it's bedtime, please get your pajamas on."


Then he would try to get up, but to no avail because Naughty Bird was holding him down.

I was quite displeased that the stupid bird had found his way home. We had spent a peaceful few months without the foul fowl and now he was back, causing problems again.

After a few days of this, I asked Max why Naughty Bird was so incredibly naughty.

Max thought for a moment and then said "Because he touched a fewton."

"What's a fewton?" I asked.

"A fewton is this thing that has a bunch of brown triangles on it and it's inside the speakers of the television."

(Yes, I'm every bit as confused as you are)

So for the next few days, any time we walked near the television, Max would freak out "NO! NO! don't get too close to the TV! You might touch the bad fewton and then you'll be naughty like Naughty Bird!!"

We lived in fear daily of accidentally touching the bad fewton.

One day, Max came up to me smiling ear to ear and said "Naughty Bird isn't naughty anymore!"

"Wow! What happened"

He then brought a piece of paper from behind his back. Max had made brightly colored shapes all over it.

"Naughty Bird touched the good fewton, and it turned him to be good!"

Then he very carefully sat it on the floor and said "I have to be very careful that I don't touch the good fewton very much, because it might make me TOO good!"

After that, Max made multiple good fewtons and laid them all over the floor in every room of our house. Heaven forbid anyone accidentally step on one, because Max would totally come unglued. I guess he felt we were in danger of being "TOO good"

Come back tomorrow and hear about the day that Naughty Reindeer arrived.


Karen said...

Where does the child get his imagination? He's going to be a great writer someday.

just call me jo said...

You know I'll bet Stephan King had a wild imagination when he was young too...Max will be "something" that's for sure. I can't wait to hear about the reindeer.

Teachinfourth said...

At least he has an excuse…I don't.

Kristina P. said...

It's perfectly reasonable to me, Mom.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I need some of those good fewtons here at my house. Could I pay Max to make me some?