Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick Quotes.

Today Brielle was quite distressed because she witnessed two 9th graders "making out" in the hall at school.
Upon further investigation, she told me that they were just hugging.

Yesterday, upon seeing the snow on the ground, Aaron said "Well, at least now the radio station can play the Christmas music legally."

Tonight Max told me that I was "the most good person ever."

I think he wants something.

And that concludes my post for today, thus fulfilling my obligation to post every day for NaBloPoMo.
Tune in for tomorrow's post, I promise it will be better, I'm bringing back everyone's favorite* blog game "Word verification Wednesday!"

*OK, so maybe it's not everyone's favorite game, but there are two or three people that seem to enjoy it.


Kristina P. said...

I am too dumb to play. Unless every word happens to be The Hoff.

I love how sweet and innocent Brielle is.

Bonnie the Boss said...

You make me giggle!! almost as much as Max.

M-Cat said...

Brielle should be told that in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS: hugging is SERIOUSLY the same as making out and she should avoid it with anyone the opposite sex near her age for at least another 15 years.