Sunday, November 7, 2010

Faux facial hair

This afternoon Brielle came into the room and was sporting a lovely new villain type mustache, obviously drawn on with a magic marker.
I laughed, because this was funny, then asked her if she was sure that she had used a washable marker.
"Yes, it's washable, I mean, at least I think it's washable, I hope I didn't accidentally use the sharpie."
I asked, "So how would you feel if it turns out to be permanent, and you have to go to school looking like that?"
She laughed and said she wouldn't care.
A few minutes later, Max showed up wearing the exact same mustache.
"Max, why did you let your sister draw on your face?"
Max giggled.
"What if it's permanent? You could look like that forever."
He thought for a moment, then looked at himself in the mirror. He must have liked what he saw, because he left it there.
About an hour later, he came and told me that he was tired of the mustache and wanted it off.
I told him to get a washcloth, get it wet and use some soap to get it off.
He came back in the room a few minutes later with a marker streaked washcloth, and the mustache smeared onto his cheeks.
"Did you use any soap?" I asked.
"NO!, I couldn't find it! There isn't any!"
I tried to get it wiped off as good as I could with the non soapy wet washcloth, but then the doorbell rang, it was my mom who was coming over to have dinner with us.

After we were finished eating, we sat around the table and talked. Brielle was being her normal talkative self, and was discussing some very important pre teenage subject, when I finally said to her "You know, I'm having a very hard time taking you seriously right now."
She looked surprised and asked why?
"Mostly because of that silly mustache you still have on."

She laughed "Oh, I forgot about that!" Then continued on with her conversation.

Several times through the evening, I reminded her about the mustache. Apparently she kept forgetting about it, and it just didn't seem to bother her.

Later tonight, she tried unsuccessfully to remove the marker with the wet washcloth. She was getting quite frustrated, because it just wasn't coming off.

I finally stepped in and used some soap on the washcloth, and amazingly enough, the marker came right off.

Imagine that. Soap.

I used it on Max's face too. Max is now mustache free.

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Elizabeth said...

Where'd that SOAP come from???
LOL. I love that she didn't care...then did...
have a great day!

*MARY* said...

Haha. Evan loves drawing mustaches on himself too, he thinks they're hilarious. And when he sees someone with a real mustache he just stares and giggles. You can imagine how much fun he has at church.

Mae Rae said...

Soap? Where do you get that stuff? My kids don't seem to know what it is either...until it is too late.

Kristina P. said...

I would have used Magic Eraser. That stuff can remove anything. Maybe I should try it on Mario Lopez?

Life As I Know It said...

The magic powers of soap! I still laugh (sort of) when I have to say 'and use soap!' to my 8 year old when I tell him it's shower night...

annie valentine said...

When Harry was in Kindergarten he was Indiana Jones for Halloween. He made me draw chest hair on him every day for an entire month. Wore it to school with pride.

M-Cat said...

At least it washed off!. We had an 'incident' once when the boys were younger with a black sharpie.

Sandra said...

Really? Soap will wash? Imagine that! Personally, I would have told them I was all out of soap. Faux facial hair in classroom settings is character building.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Soap, what is soap? my kids are clueless. I had a boss who used to draw mustache on my oldest when he was about 3. But he did it with pen and sometimes it was hard to get off.